Fuootech Oil Filtration Group - Top Manufacture, Exporter of Oil Filtration Machines and Oil Testers

Fuootech Oil Filtration Group is one of largest R&D based high-tech group engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing and exporting various vacuum oil/fluid purifiers, oil filtration system, oil regeneration machine and oil testing kits for various industries, helping clients all over the world solve various oil problems.

Fuootech develops custom solutions for virtually any application involving industrial oil management. With Fuootech oil management systems, oils can be re-used indefinitely, thus drastically reducing new oil purchasing and waste oil disposal, protecting environment, and improving productivity for industries to be more competitive in the global economy.

Nowadays, the company's sales and service network covers all the provinces of China and exports to more than 118 countries. Our products are more and more popular in domestic market and international market based on High quality, advanced technology, competitive price and excellent before & after sales service, as well as continuous technical supports.

Fuootech’s oil filtration systems & oil testing kits are extensively used in the fields of electrial power, power station, power transmission, power generation, Petrochemical, petroleum, Paper and Pulp, compressor, mechanical manufacture, steel mills, electrical utilities, engineering contractors, metallurgy,railway, aviation etc. which are consuming various oils. More than 100 standard models are offered to different clients and also can be customized according to actual need of oil solutions in different areas.

Our Machines are Filtering, Purifying & Regenerating:

Insulating Oil

Lubricating Oil

Cable Oil

Industrial Oil

Transformer Oil

Turbine Oil

Vacuum Oil

Transmission Oil

Dielectric Oil

Mutual Inductor Oil

Switchgear Oil

Circulating Oil

Compressor Oil

Cutting Oil

Gear Oil

Heat Transfer Oil

Hydraulic Oil

Cooking Oil (UCO)

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil

Engine Oil

Coolant Oil

Quench Oil

Soluble Coolants

Rolling Oil

and more ...

Main Products: